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Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation - Combined - You Teach Kit

The course kit includes all the materials for the teacher and students in both the level 1 (grades 2 &3) and the level 2 (grades 4-6) for teaching our Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation course. The references and historic fiction include only one copy if otherwise duplicated. Note that only one set of timeline cards is included. We recommend one per student.
What’s included:
  • Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation Lesson Plans
  • Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation Flashcards
  • Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation Memory Song CD
  • Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation Teacher's Manual
  • 100 Most Important Events
  • Adventures of Robin Hood
  • Adventures of Robin Hood Comprehension Guide
  • Augustine, The Farmer Boy
  • Beowulf by Rebsamen
  • Big John's Secret
  • Cathedral
  • Chanticleer and the Fox
  • Comic Shakespeare Macbeth
  • Door in the Wall
  • Famous Men of Renaissance & Reformation
  • Famous Men of the Middle Ages
  • Fine Print
  • From the Mixed Up Files
  • From the Mixed Up Files Comprehension Guide
  • Historical Timeline Figures CD
  • History of the World
  • Ink on His Fingers
  • Joan of Arc (Stanley)
  • King Arthur and His Knights
  • Leonardo's Horse
  • Martin Luther
  • Medieval Feast
  • Monks & Mystics
  • Pages of History 1
  • Record of Time Timeline Notebook
  • Robin Hood
  • Saint George and the Dragon
  • Son of Charlemagne
  • Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow
  • Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow Comprehension Guide
  • Suggested Placement Guide
  • The Beggar's Bible
  • The Church in History
  • The King's Shadow
  • The Making of a Knight
  • The Minstrel in the Tower
  • The Shakespeare Stealer
  • This was John Calvin
  • Thunderstorm in Church
  • Usborne Time Traveler
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