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Math-U-See PreCalculus Student Pack

Editors: Math-U-See

If your family already has Math-U-See's PreCalculus instructional DVD, this bundle completes your essential materials for a successful experience with the course. The Math-U-See PreCalculus Student Pack contains the student workbook with lesson-by-lesson worksheets, review pages, and honors pages. The pack also includes the booklet of PreCalculus tests.

Major concepts and skills your student will master include understanding and working with trigonometric ratios, their reciprocals, and their inverses; working with trigonometric expressions and identities; understanding and working with polar coordinates and radian measure; graphing and analyzing trigonometric functions; understanding functions, limits, domain, and range; and working with arithmetic and geometric series and sequences. Some of the other topics explored in the course include understanding and applying the laws of sines and cosines, proving trigonometric identities, and understanding and applying the sum, difference, double-angle, and half-angle identities.

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