Math-U-See Pre-Algebra Universal Set

Editors: Math-U-See

Math-U-See is a systematic, cumulative approach to teaching math that helps students master material using a definite, logical sequence of concept instruction. The Math-U-See Pre-Algebra Universal Set contains everything you need for a successful experience with this level:

  • Instruction manual with complete solutions
  • Intruction DVD
  • Student workbook
  • Tests booklet
  • Integer Block Kit
  • Algebra/Decimal Insert Kit
  • Lifetime access to the Demme Learning Pre-Algebra Digital Pack with lots of resources, including digital manipulatives and worksheet generator

Pre-algebra finalizes your student's math foundation for coming upper level courses. Major concepts and skills include fluently adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative numbers; understanding and simplifying exponents; using properties of operations, order of operations, and absolute value; expanding understanding of place value; evaluating radicals; and indentifying the least common multiple and greatest common factor. Some of the other topics your student will explore include using the Pythagorean theorem, adding and multiplying polynomials, and identifying rational and irrational numbers.

The Math-U-See system is structured with step-by-step procedures for introducing, reviewing, practicing, and mastering concepts. Each lesson teaches using multisensory tools such as videos, manipulatives, and other resources, designed to appeal to any type of learner. With all these resources, you can adapt the program to your student's homeschool style.

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