Middle Ages, Renaissance & Reformation - Self-Paced Course


CHURCH HISTORY, GREAT BATTLES IN EUROPE AND ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT SET THE FOUNDATION FOR MODERN TIMES Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation students will work at their own pace covering 32 important events from St. Augustine’s dramatic conversion to the events precipitated by the Reformation. Teaching is interactive—clever games, striking video footage of Basil, an older, more experienced monk and Aidan, a younger monk in training, along with Ava, a delightful gargoyle, will keep the student engaged the entire year. This is so much fun that you'll find it hard to pull your child away. Knowing a time line of history is a crucial part of anyone’s education. This program will do just that.

  • Memorizing names, dates, and places to learn how God has worked throughout history
  • Multi-sensory learning through interactions and games make the work fun and exciting
  • Providing a foundation for more in-depth study in later years
  • Teaching a chronological sequence or timeline of history