Literature 6 - Live Online Course


Intended for students in sixth grade, students will read great literature and work to improve their oral reading skills. Students will improve their reading skills through written and oral comprehension exercises. Their vocabulary will be expanded through the application of contextual clues, derivation of words from Latin roots, and use of the dictionary. Students will learn to apply a Christian worldview as they examine qualities of characters in stories and recognize those that are worth admiring. The level and content of the literature will serve students well as the transition into more dialectic books readies them for Omnibus. They will also learn to identify different genres of literature as they read a variety of styles. And most importantly, they will continue to increase their love of literature. Recommended for grade 6. Homework will average 3 - 4 hours per week depending on reading speed.

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Minimum age of 10 and maximum age of 12 on the first day of class.

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