Literature 4 - Live Online Course


Intended for students at a fourth grade reading level, students will read a variety of great books. During the school year they will read on their own, as well as orally in class, being taught to use punctuation as clues. Memory work, art projects, letter writing, vocabulary skills and more will be used to add excitement to the class. Comprehension skills will be emphasized through both oral and written answers. Common literary techniques will be taught and students will be able to identify them in all the different books. Students will learn to apply a Christian worldview as they examine character qualities and experiences in these enthralling works. Most importantly, they will fall in love with reading! Recommended for grade 4. Homework will average 2 - 3 hours per week, depending on reading speed.

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Minimum age of 8 and maximum age of 10 on the first day of class.

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