Latin Alive! Book 1 Test Packet (PDF)

#145702 1-3
The Latin Alive! Book 1 Test Packet is a set of comprehensive, standardized tests designed to supplement Latin Alive! Book 1. It is an excellent and helpful resource for teachers and parents. The downloadable packet includes a weekly test for each chapter, a complete answer key, and suggested scoring based on a 100-point system. Choose from three license options (1–3, 4–9, or 10+ students).

The Latin Alive! series is a relevant, rigorous, yet engaging introduction to Latin for middle and high school students. This Latin curriculum will truly make the Latin language come alive both for students who have studied Latin (such as students who have completed the Latin for Children curriculum) and for those who have not previously been introduced to Latin. 
Included in the Test Pack are tests and answer keys for all 29 chapters (PDFs in Zip file)

Important: This test pack is for 1-3 students. This is a consumable product. Licenses apply for one year and should then be repurchased.
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