Journalism - Live Online Course


A press badge is like having a backstage pass to history as it happens. Reporting on sports, politics, business, art, culture, etc. comes with obligations: journalists have the responsibility (and honor) of writing the truth. In this class students will focus on becoming a journalist who acts justly and loves mercy. Christian reporters ought to focus their notebooks, cameras and microphones on the least of these while holding the powerful accountable. Students in this class will explore the principles, history, and modern issues of journalism. The class will move beyond theories of journalism and focus on the practice of journalism. With coaching and editing, students will engage in the fundamental skills of finding, reporting, and writing the news. Students will frequently create short articles, learning to write what keeps people reading. Homework will average 2 - 3 hours per week.

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Minimum age of 15 on the first day of class. Successful completion of VSA Composition II or comparable course is strongly encouraged.

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