IEW Student Writing Intensive Continuation, Course B DVDs

Item No: 315077

This course picks up where the Student Writing Intensive Level B left off and advances writing even further; the SWI Level B course (or equivalent instruction) is a prerequisite for this course. 

IEW's Student Writing Intensive (SWI) Continuation Course Level B picks up where the SWI Level B primary program left off and teaches more of the stylistic techniques and writing formats, including stories, writing from pictures, 5-paragraph essays, and reports from longer sources. This program is perfect for students who enjoyed the first class and want more, or for those who would benefit from additional exposure, or for students who wish to supplement other writing programs. Students continue to use the same binder and charts while learning new models and techniques not previously presented in the SWI. This course can be taught over one to two years, and the teacher's manual provides options for shortening or lengthening the course. Middle School and Early High School. 

This kit contains:

  • 9 DVDs of video instruction by Andrew Pudewa, recorded live in front of a group of middle school students
  • eBooks with: Teacher's Manual, 10 class handouts and student samples
  • Student Packet: 186 loose leaf, 3-hole punched handouts with 1-2 years of writing assignments in 32 lessons