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Curious and sweet little Heidi is taken by her aunt to live with her grandfather in his hut high in the Alps, and she quickly learns to love her new life. After a short time, Heidi's aunt hustles her away to keep company with a kind, disabled girl in Frankfurt. Though the girl's family is kind to her, Heidi cannot bear being away from the mountains and longs to return to the happiness of her former life with her grandfather.

As time passes, Heidi seeks anything that reminds her of home in the Alps, leading her into mischievous situations. When Heidi has given up all hope of a reunion with her grandfather, a new friend teaches her the value of faith and prayer. 

Join Heidi in her heartwarming, and sometimes humorous, journey to discover faith and the true meaning of family. This timeless children’s classic, written in 1880, should be read by all children.

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