First Favorites Guide Vol. 1 (eBook)


First Favorites Comprehension Guide Volume One eBook version is an excellent resource to accompany The First Favorite Collection 1. The user friendly guide contain all the question and activities need to help a student develop valuable comprehension skills as well as fan into flame a student’s passion for good literature. This guide offer activities and exercises for books in is our First Favorite Collection 1, such as Blueberries for Sal, Curious George and more. The guide includes developmentally-tailored comprehension questions/activities, writing exercises, and art activities. It also contains handwriting exercises, a clear icon system for teachers to follow, and simple instructions for students to foster independent work. Building comprehension skills develops the student’s abilities to make predictions, improve their understanding of content, sequence or character and connect whatever they are reading with their own experience and knowledge. Mastering reading comprehension for any student is the foundation to all future academic success and is one of the most valuable and lasting skills a student will develop. Guide contains 148 pages and includes permission to reproduce for both school and homeschool use.

*Please note that eBooks are non-refundable. Printed eBook pages will include a faint watermark across the center of the page that says "Do Not Copy." Should you feel this would be a distraction for your student, we encourage you to purchase the physical version of this consumable book. 
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