Explorers to 1815 - Level 1 - You Teach Kit


Explorers to 1815 - Level 1 - You Teach Kit contains everything you need to teach this history course from the comfort of your own home. This package is geared to 2nd & 3rd children. Packages that are geared to 4th - 6th graders or to both levels combining all the books and deleting duplicates is also available. With an exciting curricu,lum both children and parents love, homeschooling has never been easier!

What’s included:
  • Explorers to 1815 Lesson Plans
  • Explorers to 1815 Flashcards
  • Explorers to 1815 Memory Song CD
  • Explorers to 1815 Teacher's Manual
  • Record of Time Timeline Notebook
  • Historical Timeline Figures CD
  • Suggested Placement Guide
  • 100 Most Important Events Book
  • Child's Story of America
  • US History-Based Writing, 5th Ed.
  • History of US: From Colonies to Country
  • History of US: Making 13 Colonies
  • History of US: The First Americans
  • History of US: The New Nation
  • Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
  • Writing Biographies of Christians (Reformers & Puritans)
  • Writing Trails in American History
  • And Then What Happened Paul
  • Ben and Me
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Courage of Sarah Noble
  • First Voyage to America
  • George the Drummer Boy
  • George Washington
  • George Washington &amp the General's Dog
  • Great Little Madison
  • Lewis &amp Clark: Prairie Dog for President
  • Matchlock Gun
  • Pages of History 2: Blazing New Trails
  • Sam the Minuteman
  • Samuel Eaton's Day
  • Sarah Morton's Day
  • Shh! We're Writing the Constitution
  • The 18 Penny Goose
  • Three Ships Come Sailing
  • Where was Patrick Henry
  • Why Don't You Get a Horse Sam Adams
  • William Bradford: Pilgrim Boy
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