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A survey of the remarkable history of God's Providence in America.



The story of the great American experiment is one that is filled with God’s grace. There may be no other country that has been blessed as much as the United States. Americans continue to reap the rewards of godly men and women who came before us. Beginning with the explorers and ending with modern American history, students will survey American history from a biblical worldview. We must learn this history in order to build on that extraordinary past and not squander it. This course is a perfect complement to the Omnibus III course. This course is available in Live Online format.

The Veritas Approach to Electives

Electives give students the opportunity to pursue particular interests. Core curricula such as Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, Math, and Science are essential to every student. Electives then allow students to pursue areas that interest them.

Veritas is excited to offer a growing collection of electives. We expect to add to the list often. Good subject matter that will complement the students’ overall education, good curricula along with a good plan, enough students interested in the topic, and a great teacher are all that’s needed to consider an elective.

And some electives can be taken for dual credit in 11th or 12th grade, giving students some of the hours they’ll need for a college degree.

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