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Children learn to love reading with the Phonics Museum.



Completing phonics instruction is the key objective to the Veritas approach to reading in first grade. Having learned their consonant and short vowels, students will now learn long vowels, blends and keys to word attack? Based on historical research with a bent for today’s child, children using the Veritas Phonics Museum will learn to read with great enjoyment. Ultimately, the goal is to make your child a life-long lover of reading. They will also develop their handwriting and spelling. Available in You Teach format.

The Veritas Approach to Reading


Learning to read is foundational, and it may be the most important educational skill a child will ever learn. How children learn to read will set a trajectory for life. Many adults attribute much of their success and enjoyment in life to their reading. It is important to inculcate not just skill at reading but also the love of reading. At Veritas we believe that a phonetic approach is the way a child should be taught to read. The process should also be fun.  We want to capture children’s imaginations and enjoyment.


English is not like Chinese, where a child needs to learn a character for every word. Instead, English allows children to recognize and associate sounds of letters in the alphabet. They can decode or sound out words. Once a child masters letter sounds and sounds of blends they will be able to sound out any word they encounter.


We mentioned fun earlier. This is important. Some programs that teach reading phonetically require that children apply analytical skills as they learn to read. Linguists may enjoy such study, but not children. They want to read and want to do so as quickly as they can. Children this age are not developmentally ready to analyze. We believe that learning to read should be fun and efficient. It should cause children to ask for more. Books should become some of their best friends.


This is why our Phonics Museum includes readers, games, drills, and music. It is offered as an app and as a traditional workbook, hands-on approach. Both have been remarkably successful alone, but it’s ideal to use them together.

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Use the Veritas Press Phonics Museum to Make Great Readers

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