Veritas Chemistry (eBook)


Veritas Chemistry (eBook) is unlike all other chemistry texts. It will surprise students and delight teachers. Like other texts, it introduces the workings and wonders of atoms and molecules. Unlike others, it discusses historical, ethical, and philosophical perspectives on science, too. The content of Veritas Chemistry is rigorous but clear, readable but enjoyable.

From chapter 1, Veritas Chemistry invites students to engage in deeper, higher-order thinking. It equips them to understand what the material world is made of and how that matter interacts. Veritas Chemistry is rich with comprehension questions and skill-building exercises. Most importantly, the text includes complete solutions for every question.

Veritas Chemistry can easily be used as an honors-level text. It prepares students for whatever science their future holds. The text covers much of the same material commonly found in AP courses. The book includes all the topics found in virtually all chemistry texts. Additionally, you find these topics: quantum mechanics, advanced bonding, equilibrium, and thermodynamics.

*Please note that eBooks are non-refundable. Printed eBook pages will include a faint watermark across the center of the page that says "Do Not Copy." 

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