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The Boxcar Children Comprehension Guide


This guide covers Boxcar Children, Book One and has projects that can be used throughout the rest of the series, such as a "Then and Now" project and an activity to summarize each of the books read in the series. It takes a bit of a different track from our other guides in that it focuses on the development of godly character - showing students early-on how all sorts of literature can be used to the glory of God. This guide is specifically intended for 2nd grade readers. Soft 62p.

  1. Character traits
    Of all of the Comphrensions guides I have used so far this is my favorite. For every chapter of the book it describes a character trait and asks the students to identify who in the chapter demonstrated that character. Made my second grader think instead of just copying answers from the book like the other guides. It also includes worksheets to use if you choose to read other books in the series.

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