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Biology Novare - Live Online Course


Biology is the nexus from which all other life sciences extend. Veritas is pleased to offer Biology using the Novare curriculum. Novare’s mastery-based approach serves both as a stepping stone to our more advanced life science courses, and as a workshop in which college-level study and lab skills are developed. The course begins by zooming in on life at the subatomic level, progressively zooming out to capture life at the macroscopic level and, ultimately, at the conceptual level. Among the life forms studied are molecular life, cellular life, plant life, animal life, and human life; among the scientific fields studied are ecology and genetics. The theory of evolution and other topics are addressed from a soundly biblical Creationist perspective, preparing students to enter college as sophisticated contenders for their faith. Homework will average 3 - 5 hours per week, including labs.

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