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Biology is a foundational science course in which students study the science of "life". This course provides both the knowledge and laboratory skills that are foundational to the study of life, including the history surrounding many of the major discoveries in the biological sciences. Concepts addressed in this course include a review of the scientific method, the use of the microscope, techniques required for laboratory dissections, theories of life including micro- and macro-evolution and creationism, characteristics of living organisms, biological classification, biological compounds, biochemical processes, cellular structure and function including cellular transport and reproduction; genetics; viruses; foundational concepts to environmental science; and a comprehensive review of the structure and function of bacteria, protozoans, algae, fungi, plants, and animals. Homework will average 3 - 5 hours per week, including labs.

Biology is taught by an expert instructor in the Veritas Virtual Classroom and is limited to only 20 students per course.

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Courses begin September 4th and end May 17th. To view the complete Academic Calendar click HERE.


Minimum age of 12 on the first day of class.


Biology Course Kit (003558) The Course Kit contains all the items listed below at a discounted rate.

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