Billy and Blaze

Join Billy and his horse, Blaze, as they develop a friendship while riding through the woods and fields. A great team, Billy and Blaze learned to trust one another, jumping over fences and fallen trees with ease. Are they good enough to win the gleaming silver cup at the Mason Horse Show? Find out in this great first step into reading “real” books! Soft 49p.
  1. Excellent
    I bought the Billy and Blaze books for my third grade son who was struggling with reading and needed something interesting to spur him on to try. These books were great! He fully enjoyed them, read them more than once, looked forward to reading the next one, and he wasn't the only child to like them. My older kids picked them up to read just for fun and my younger child enjoyed them as a read aloud. The adventures of a young boy and his horse are ones that children will enjoy. Each book could be read on its own as they do not build on each other however my kids always wanted to read the next because they simply enjoyed them. Good wholesome adventures for the young mind.

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