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    Literature 6 - Live Online Course

    Intended for students in sixth grade, students will read great literature and work to improve their oral reading skills. Students will improve their reading skills through written and oral comprehension exercises. T...

    # SA0202

    Rhetoric I - Live Online Course

    The culminating discipline of the Trivium, rhetoric, builds upon the skills learned in logic and teaches the student to speak and write in a cohesive and persuasive manner. This course develops students' communicati...

    # SA0012

    Rhetoric II - Live Online Course

    Developing students into sound, talented rhetoricians is both difficult and time-consuming. This course intends to work carefully and thoroughly with students, giving them much opportunity for practice and applicati...

    # SA0221

    Literature 6 - You Teach Kit

    The Literature 6 You Teach Kit includes all the materials you need plus lesson plans to teach Literature 6....

    # 001406
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    Rhetoric I - You Teach Kit

    The Rhetoric I - You Teach kit includes A Rhetoric of Love student text and teacher edition.   Jesus calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves.  A Rhetoric of Love asks how we can do that in our speaking and wr...

    # 003798
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    Rhetoric II - Live Course Kit

    An eBook version of Rhetoric of Love vol. 2 will be made available free for registered students, with an option to buy the physical book when available later in the school year....

    # 003576
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    Literature 6 - Live Course Kit

    This is the curriculum kit you`ll need for this Scholars online course. This kit was assembled for use with this online Veritas Press Scholars Academy course with a live teacher. It may not be suitable for other cir...

    # 003510
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    Rhetoric I - Live Course Kit

    What are you trying to accomplish by teaching rhetoric?  Do you want students to simply be able to identify Aristotle's Five Canons and other key elements in communication, or do you want to cause your students to ...

    # 003797
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    The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Ed.

    This weighty volume is the essential reference for all who work with words-writers, editors, proofreaders, indexers, copywriters, designers, publishers, and students. Discover who Ibid is, how to deftly avoid the sp...

    # 305183
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    Lord of the Rings Comprehension Guide

    This comprehension guide places students in the realm of Middle-earth where they can participate in the adventure with games, projects, crafts, and even a recipe for lembas bread! In-depth questions and answers for ...

    # 000756
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    Little Women Comprehension Guide

    This classic story tells of four sisters—Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy—growing up while their father is taking part in the War Between the States. This thrilling comprehension guide includes questions and answers for e...

    # 000754
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    The Jungle Book Comprehension Guide

    The stories in The Jungle Book were originally published in magazines in the 1890`s. Mowgli, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, and Toomai the young elephant-handler will really seem to come alive to your students with this exciting...

    # 000752
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    The Call of the Wild and White Fang Comprehension Guide

    White Fang was written as the companion book to The Call of the Wild, and in this guide they are brought together in one grand adventure of questions, answers, and projects, including a wolf mask, diamante poems, an...

    # 000751
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    Fahrenheit 451 Comprehension Guide

    ``A book is a loaded gun in the house next door. Burn it.`` In addition to probing comprehension questions about this flammable book, this guide offers projects including book binding, poetry analysis, writing proje...

    # 000740
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    Around the World in Eighty Days Comprehension Guide

    Grab your passport and get ready for a daring adventure! This comprehension guide is filled with challenging exercises and fun activities to benefit your student as they circumnavigate Around the World in 80 Days by...

    # 000736
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