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    Bien dit Cahier de vocab 2 - French II Student Workbook

    Bien dit! Cahier de vocabulaire et grammaire Level 2 provides students with alternate presentations of major grammar points and additional focused practice for both vocabulary and grammar for Bien Dit! Level 2....

    # 505912
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    Battle for the American Mind

    Battle for the American Mind is the untold story of the Progressive plan to neutralize the basis of our Republic – by removing the one ingredient that had sustained Western Civilization for thousands of years. P...

    # 255780
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    The One Year Bible for Children

    For years we have used The Child’s Story Bible for Kindergarten and First grade. We still love it, but we listened to what people had to say and wanted to add an option that is more readable by the child and also ...

    # 305187
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    Brightest Heaven of Invention

    A Christian guide to six Shakespeare plays: Henry V, Julius Caesar, Macbeth, Hamlet, The Taming of the Shrew, and Much Ado About Nothing....

    # 110050
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    Veritas Press 2022-2023 Free Catalog

    The Veritas Press Catalog is a fantastic resource to have as you plan your year. Get your Free Veritas Press Catalog today by just adding it to your cart and checking out....

    # CATALOG22
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    Westminster Shorter Catechism Songs Collection Download

    Memorizing the catechism is a traditional method of learning clear, concise Christian doctrines, and music is a delightful way to make memorization fun. The Westminster Shorter Catechism Songs Collection is a wonder...

    # 191900D
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    Apologia Chemistry - Live Online Course

    Apologia Chemistry is an introductory course to the study of matter and its interaction with matter and energy. This course provides students with exposure to the knowledge and laboratory skills related to chemistry...

    # SA2224

    Geometry Math-U-See - Live Online Course

    This geometry course is the study of plane and solid figures on the basis of axioms and theorems as well as the measurement of the earth in terms of points, lines, line segments, rays, angles, and planes. This cours...

    # SA2828

    Eusebius: The Church History (2P)

    Eusebius` history traces the spread of the Gospel from apostolic times into the fourth century. Maier`s flowing English translation remains faithful to the Greek while creating a new standard primary resource. There...

    # 343006
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    How Should We Then Live? (3S)

    As one of the foremost evangelical thinkers of the twentieth century, Francis Schaeffer long pondered the fate of declining Western culture. In this brilliant book he analyzed the reasons for modern society`s state ...

    # 165384
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    Leonardo da Vinci

    The story of the model Renaissance Man. Painter of the Mona Lisa, designer of hundreds of fascinating machines. A person (and a book) with whom we should all be familiar.   ...

    # 255441
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    IEW Student Resource Packet

    This packet is designed to be a useful and customizable resource for your student as they go through the Grammar IEW Refresher course. Your student can use the resources included to build their own packet to help th...

    # 315232
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    Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales Writing Lessons Student Book

    Writing assignments that spark the imagination! This book is used in the Grammar IEW Refresher course, intended for students grade 4-6 who have completed at least one year of Grammar and Writing through the live cou...

    # 315310
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    Writing & Rhetoric Book 8: Comparison Teacher's Edition

    Easy to teach! This series employs fluent reading, careful listening, models for imitation, and progressive steps. It assumes that students learn best by reading excellent, whole-story examples of literature and by ...

    # 145347
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    The Boy in the Alamo

    The best children’s book about the Alamo we’ve ever discovered. Experience the tragedy through the eyes of young Billy Campbell as this historical fiction introduces students to Davy Crockett, Colonel William B....

    # 004580
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