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  15. History Project Workbooks

    A survey of the remarkable history of God's Providence in America.

    A survey course of God's work through Western civilization.

    The Veritas Approach has kindergarteners start with the familiar and local to prepare them for years of studying history.

    Western Civilization - Live Online Course

    The river of Western civilization runs deep with the events of the historic Christian faith. Students seeking a survey-style overview of Western civilization will quickly see that God has been at work through all of...

    # SA0603

    US History - Live Online Course

    Beginning with the Explorers and ending with modern American history, students will look at American history from a biblical worldview. And it’s an amazing story—one that is filled with God’s grace. There may ...

    # SA0602

    History K - You Teach Kit

    The course kit includes all the materials for the teacher and one student for teaching History K, our kindergarten history course. Bede, an adorable ball of yarn, will introduce young students to the idea of a timel...

    # 003930
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    Bede's History of ME

    Bede (pronounced like "bead") is a timeline ... who strongly resembles a ball of yarn. This lovable character introduces young children to the basics of history in a fun way–once a week–all year long. Topics inc...

    # 000090
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    History K - Lesson Plans

    Have you ever wished for more help as you teach, plan and organize your History curriculum? Veritas Kindergarten History Scripted Lesson Plans are the answer!  Our Scripted Lesson Plans will guide you every st...

    # L00110
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    Noah: The Rescue Plan

    God is sending a flood because the world He made has turned against Him. However, Noah loves God, so God saves him and his family. God tells Noah to build a boat—a big one! This is God's rescue plan and the start ...

    # 560555
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    Sarah & Abraham: The Wonderful Promise

    Sarah and Abraham are told to leave their home and travel to a new country. God has given them a wonderful promise that seems too good to be true. But as they obey God and begin their adventure, they discover that ...

    # 560872
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    The Child's Story Bible

    Originally published in 1943, this illustrated story Bible continues to instruct and delight children and parents.  It mirrors the biblical narrative and includes Scripture references, emphasizing biblical life les...

    # 630020
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    Teaching Writing, Structure, and Style Full Program with DVDs

    The best we`ve seen to teach writing skills. This Teaching Writing seminar for the instructor is presented on DVDs and teaches you how to effectively and enjoyably teach your students to write. A one-time purchase t...

    # 315186
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