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    Elegant Essay Teacher Combo

    Now in its third edition, The Elegant Essay walks students through the entire essay-building process. The student book includes instruction, practice exercises, modeling, and grade sheets. The separate teachers manu...

    # 315306
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    Elegant Essay Writing Lessons - Student Book

    Extra student book for teaching The Elegant Essay: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing....

    # 315307
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    Excellence in Spelling: The Phonetic Zoo Spelling Starter Kit, Level A

    Each lesson presents a rule, jingle or hint, with fifteen words which follow the rule OR break it. Flashcards with animals and animal names can be used for visual reinforcement. Every fifth lesson is a ``personal sp...

    # 315580
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    The Grammar of Spelling 3

    The same classical approach as described in second grade for Grammar of Spelling 2. This book contains an overview of the spelling program as a whole and includes weekly word lists and worksheets to be used in the c...

    # 358190
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    The Pilgrim's Progress (3P)

    The Pilgrim`s Progress has been translated more often than any book other than the Bible. One can normally relate to Pilgrim as he struggles with temptation and must learn to persevere through life. Soft 333p...

    # 420750
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    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass

    ``. . . what is the use of a book,`` thought Alice, ``without pictures or conversations?`` First published in 1865, this crazy classic--full of both pictures and conversations--continues to delight children and adul...

    # 435055
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    Homer Price

    One of those books that you may have fond memories of from childhood. Join Homer Price in six preposterous tales that take a good look at the face of mid-western America with humorous and affectionate eyes. Young ...

    # 435515
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    Peter Pan

    The magical adventure of Peter Pan and the Darling children. So many children have seen the Disney movie, but hardly anyone has read the book. Our oldest son used to say reading is like making movies in your head. M...

    # 435768
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    The Story of the Treasure Seekers

    C.S. Lewis`s favorite fairy tale author. Join the six Bastable children as they look to restore their family fortune by seeking for treasure. First published in 1899 this book has been available ever since. Good, c...

    # 435857
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    The Dragon of Lonely Island

    This magical tale has Laurie raving with pleasure. Join three kids and a three-headed dragon for a summer adventure that turns out quite different than the children had planned. What`s in the cave near your house? S...

    # 490395
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    Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2S)

    Fellowship of the Ring Two Towers Return of the Ring Difficulty: challenging...

    # 490610
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    The Random House Book of Fairy Tales

    This version is lavishly illustrated and more for the younger reader. The other includes more tales and is a bit more challenging. Both books can be used with the Veritas Press Literature Guide. Difficulty: challeng...

    # 490758
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    Christianity and Liberalism, New Edition (3S)

    Students of history quickly learn that events of today connect to circumstances of the past. No one would argue that the American church of today is healthier than it was before liberalism took root. May we exude th...

    # 630195
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    On the Nature of Things (4P)

    Derived from Greek Epicureanism, Lucretius’ work challenges ancient mythology in favor of virtuous materialism. Through a combination of rich poetry and thoughtful analysis, Lucretius tackles such subjects as ...

    # 004574
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    WORLD Magazine Annual Membership for Students

    Our children are exposed to tens of thousands of media messages a week, influencing the way they think and act, competing for their allegiance. WORLD is a safe and fun tool that provides them healthy pathways to as...

    # 798004
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