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    Early History Readers Collection Gr 4

    You may be a homeschool family teaching this time period to younger children, too. This collection is for you. Selected with second or third graders in mind, these readers will provide resources that will satisfy th...

    # 255275
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    Joan of Arc

    Diane Stanley has once again made history come alive through this beautiful retelling of the journey of the thirteen-year-old village girl who became a hero of France through her vision and determination. The text, ...

    # 255421
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    Medieval Feast

    What better way to learn history than to experience the food and hospitality practices from that time period? This fascinating historical fiction picture book, complete with beautiful and detailed illustrations, wil...

    # 255589
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    The Beggar's Bible

    John Wycliffe, a famous Oxford professor, believes that everyone should be able to read the Bible, so he translates it into English. Not everyone agrees, and Wycliffe's enemies spy on his lectures and encourage Oxfo...

    # 280010
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    Ink on His Fingers

    Young Hans wants to be a scribe and copy the Bible. When his life is turned upside down, God provides a way for Hans to become apprenticed to Johann Gutenberg. This intriguing account allows students to see the stru...

    # 280400
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    Thunderstorm in Church

    Young Hans Luther, Martin Luther’s son, has a problem. Constantly living in his father's shadow, how will Hans do anything important or understand God's plans for him? Through Hans’s eyes, readers learn another ...

    # 280800
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    History Through the Ages: Record of Time

    Finally, an incredible timeline--one that complements the Veritas Press history (and Bible) exceptionally. As students work through time they will visually place people and events chronologically. (Note: Not all ear...

    # 287737
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    The King's Shadow

    Young Evyn dreams of using his beautiful voice to be a storyteller, in an age when libraries didn’t exist and written books were inaccessible to most. A brutal attack thwarts his dreams and sets him on a new journ...

    # 290060
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    This Was John Calvin

    John Calvin comes to life for intermediate readers as the author weaves together imagination and research to tell the story of this significant theologian, reformer, and great man. Allowing readers to see him as the...

    # 295010
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    Fine Print: A Story about Johann Gutenberg - Creative Minds Biography

    A wonderful account about the man who overcame great odds to invent the first moveable printing press. He produced the famous Gutenberg Bible and made books inexpensive and abundant, bringing the world of print to t...

    # 305301
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    Son of Charlemagne

    This is quality historical fiction, highlighting an amazing leader and and his empire. The work Charlemagne began was nothing short of founding the Holy Roman Empire—the re-forging of a Roman Empire in the west in...

    # 305315
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    Luther the Leader

    A pioneer among Christians of his age and an inspiration in our own, Martin Luther stands out among the men in history as one who would not compromise his conscience. His unbending desire to live for Christ and trut...

    # 305385
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    Saint George and the Dragon

    Here is the story of a twentieth-century St. George, who was not a saint, and a dragon with glowing wounds who prepared him for a sacred search. As a Chinese Mystery Box holds boxes within boxes, so this book contai...

    # 305496
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    Then and Now Bible Maps: Compare Bible Times with Modern Day

    Discover why Then and Now Bible Maps was the #1 Bible Atlas in 2007. Using clear plastic overlays, this amazing resource allows students, teachers, and anyone who enjoys studying the Bible to compare Bible-times wit...

    # 305546
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    Augustine, The Farmer Boy of

    Augustine was not always a great biblical teacher and defender of the faith. This story tells of his childhood antics and youthful experimentation with different religions. An arrogant but intelligent young man, Aug...

    # 310020
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46-60 of 105

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