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    History of the World

    This updated volume has eliminated evolution and covers the history of the world from the beginning to the 21st century. All events include brief write-ups and lots of photographs, paintings, and pictures. Very read...

    # 340025
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    Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt!

    Newbery Honor-winning author and preeminent biographer for young people, Jean Fritz, brings to life our colorful 26th president. Conservationist, hunter, family man, and politician, Teddy Roosevelt commanded the res...

    # 435849
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    United States History 5th Edition

    This textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the history and heritage of our nation from a biblical worldview, and is an excellent resource for use with the Veritas Press flashcards. Soft 658p....

    # 090118
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    Courage and Character of Theodore Roosevelt

    In this biography, Dr. Grant examines the faith and character of Theodore Roosevelt in the context of his life and achievements. Recommended for 6th-grade History, this book is also a great introduction to anyone wa...

    # 170021
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    Pecos Bill: The Greatest Cowboy

    A Newbery Honor book in 1938, James Bowman’s Pecos Bill is the perfect introduction to a great American comic hero and to the delights of the American tall tale. Jolted off the back of his westward-bound pioneer f...

    # 023100
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    The Dragon and the Garden

    The Dragon and the Garden N.D. Wilson...

    # 110100
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    In the Time of Noah - The Old Stories

    In the Time of Noah...

    # 110270
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    Candy Bomber

    To seize control of West Berlin in 1948, Soviet leader Josef Stalin blockaded all incoming routes and cut off all food. Without outside help, the people would starve. Thus began the Berlin Airlift. This is the true ...

    # 117180
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    Child`s Story of America

    Very readable for children, it gives a cursory glance at the history of our country. One of the best books to introduce American history to children. Review questions following each chapter. Soft 202p...

    # 135030
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    Children of the Covered Wagon

    Unlike some fiction, Carr provides a true and accurate picture of pioneer life while heading west in a covered wagon. See how reliance on God`s providence and provision was a daily necessity. Soft265p...

    # 135035
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    Iron Scouts of the Confederacy

    This book chronicles the true adventures of two teenage brothers who grew up during the War between the States as orphans and as soldiers. The decisions they make cause them to learn a great deal about the faithful...

    # 135040
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    The Fallacy Detective

    The brothers Bluedorn have created a very clever tool to meet an extraordinary gap in the materials necessary to teach Logic and provide a complete education in the dialectic stage. Studying Informal Logic, as the ...

    # 137355
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    The Thinking Tool Box

    A follow-up effort to the very popular Fallacy Detective. These tools provide an exceptional complement to both logic curricula we recommend. Fun and easy to use lessons and exercises with an answer key. Thinking ri...

    # 137830
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    The Church in History

    It begins with the New Testament and traces the Church through the Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Church in the New World and finally the Church in the early nineteenth century. A must for all who want to study t...

    # 140010
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    The Art of Argument Student Text

    This introduction to informal logical fallacies is an excellent curricular tool. The mastery of informal logic (the logical fallacies) is a ``paradigm`` subject by which we evaluate, assess and learn other subjects....

    # 145045
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