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    Children from Christian homes will likely have some exposure to the biblical story by the time they start Kindergarten.

    Bible K - You Teach Kit

    The course kit includes all the materials for the teacher and a student for teaching a quick age-appropriate survey of the Old Testament. Learning the narrative of the Old Testament this way is the first step in cre...

    # 001450
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    Bible K - Lesson Plans

    Have you ever wished for more help as you teach, plan and organize your Bible curriculum? Veritas Kindergarten Bible Scripted Lesson Plans are the answer! Our Scripted Lesson Plans will guide you every step of the...

    # L00020
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    Read Aloud OT Collection

    Our friend, Nancy Wilson, has told us of the many hours she and Doug spent reading Bible stories to their children. She`s probably reading again to her grandchildren now. What better way to enjoy and have children b...

    # 560991
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    The Church History ABCs

    With whimsical, full-color illustrations and engaging prose, this book introduces and teaches church history by giving short biographical information on 26 different people whom God used in significant ways. From Ig...

    # 165010
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    Children's Illustrated Bible

    Along with the collaboration of scholars, educators, and theologians, the author has created this children’s Bible as a work that seeks to keep the beauty of the outstanding literature of the Bible in the easy-to-...

    # 175010
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    Big Picture Bible Timeline

    A great resource for young children. This reproducible book will enable your students to secure a timeline understanding of events from Scripture. Students will color pictures that will reinforce their recollectio...

    # 230010
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    Mouse Soup

    Weasel is ready for his dinner, and poor Mouse is it. Can Mouse stop Weasel from serving up mouse soup for supper? The clever mouse tells the weasel four stories to make the soup tasty—then manages to trick the we...

    # 255595
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    Daniel: The Praying Prince - Bible Wise

    Daniel always put God first in his life. When he is taken prisoner by the King of Babylon, he learns to trust God even more. Find out how he became an important ruler and how God looked after him in the lion's den. ...

    # 560208
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    David: The Fearless Fighter - Bible Wise

    David, the brave shepherd boy fought the roaring lion and the wild bear. He made sure no harm came to his flock. When he met Goliath, the giant, he knew that only God could rescue him. Find out how God looked after ...

    # 560220
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    David the King: True Repentance

    To have true repentance you must be truly sorry for your sins. You will turn away from them and turn to God. God is the only one who can forgive sins. David found this out when Nathan the Prophet spoke to him. Find ...

    # 560225
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    Elijah: God's Miracle Man - Bible Wise

    Elijah loved and served God. God used him to perform amazing miracles and warn people who did wrong. Find out how he was fed by ravens and how a boy was brought back to life. As you read about Elijah, learn more abo...

    # 560245
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    Esther: The Brave Queen - A BibleTime Book

    Esther is a beautiful Jewish girl living happily among her people. But God plans more for Esther, and places her in the exact time and place to save His people from destruction. God works all thing for good to those...

    # 560290
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    Jonah: The Runaway Preacher

    When God calls Jonah to preach to the people of Ninevah, Jonah travels the opposite direction.  He learns the hard way that disobeying God comes with serious consequences. However, God meets repentence and obedien...

    # 560352
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    Joseph: God's Dreamer - Bible Wise

    Joseph's dream had come true at last! God had spoken to him and prepared him for a very special job... Find out what it was and learn how God looks after his people in every situation. You can read about this story ...

    # 560360
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    Joshua: The Brave Leader

    The story of Joshua is accurately retold from the book of Joshua. Learn of Joshua's bravery and faith as he steps into leadership over the children of Israel. The colorfully illustrated booklet is great for famil...

    # 560370
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