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    Math-U-See Delta Level Up Set

    For customers who already have the required Integer Block Kit, this Set includes Delta: Instruction Manual with complete solutions Instruction DVD Student Workbook Tests booklet Lifetime access to the Demme L...

    # 660041
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    Multiplying Menace Divides

    A hilarious math adventure that will cleverly help your child understand the concept of division. Peter races to find where his dog buried the great multiplier stick only to find that the great divide has other plan...

    # 117543
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    Little Miriam of Galilee

    A dishonest tax collector and a poor wheat harvest mean Miriam`s family could lose their home. But God helps in a way they hadn`t expected. Rare, great historical fiction in Bible times. Soft 121p...

    # 136487
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    The Church in History

    It begins with the New Testament and traces the Church through the Middle Ages, the Reformation, the Church in the New World and finally the Church in the early nineteenth century. A must for all who want to study t...

    # 140010
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    Time Traveler

    Four books in one. Usborne has put Pharaohs and Pyramids, Rome and Romans, Knights and Castles and Viking Raiders all in one book. Save money. Use them over several years. Enjoy these popular books together now. Har...

    # 195895
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    Famous Men of Greece

    Wonderful narratives on the lives of famous men of Greece. First published in 1904 these interesting stories have been republished by Memoria Press. Soft 138p...

    # 235010
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    Famous Men of Rome

    Another ``Famous Men`` book by Memoria Press. We learn much about history when we read about the lives of those involved in it. A great asset for teaching about Ancient Rome. Soft 143p...

    # 235030
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    Detectives in Togas

    After a squabble in the classroom, Rufus is the prime suspect in a series of antics, including tying up the teacher and even desecrating the Temple of Minerva. Rufus claims he is not guilty, but he has no alibi. Unl...

    # 250020
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    This biography is a captivating account of the Queen of Egypt, from the beginning of her rule to her death in defeat. Cleopatra was one of the last Ptolemaic rulers, as Egypt transitioned to Roman rule. Notable for...

    # 255210
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    History Through the Ages: Record of Time

    Finally, an incredible timeline--one that complements the Veritas Press history (and Bible) exceptionally. As students work through time they will visually place people and events chronologically. (Note: Not all ear...

    # 287737
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    Hittite Warrior - Living History Library

    A meticulously researched novel, this adventure takes place in the time of the Judges and incorporates biblical facts with a gripping story. Set against the wide background of ancient civilizations, it will capture ...

    # 305335
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    Twice Freed

    A classic, thrilling historical fiction account. Derived from the New Testament book of Philemon, this is an adventure story of the danger to and faith of Onesimus, a runaway slave, in the first century. Patricia S...

    # 305557
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    Against the World: The Odyssey of Athanasius

    This book is a well-researched, fictionalized profile of the life and work of Athanasius, the great and godly man who was instrumental in drafting the Nicene Creed. Join him in the vigorous debates at the Council of...

    # 310010
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    Quintus: A Story About the Persecution of Christians

    Quintus: A Story About the Persecution of Christians at the Time of Emperor Nero is historical fiction during the reign of Nero. We ought to be thankful and dismayed that our first century Christian ancestors were s...

    # 310155
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    The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History

    An overview of 100 important events in Christian history that will inspire any reader! Starting in Rome in AD 64 and ending in the late twentieth century, this guide provides many accessible facts and introductions ...

    # 318030
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