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    Art - K-4 You Teach Kit

    This Art K-4 - You Teach Course contains the materials for a teacher and one student needed to teach Art at home or school....

    # 003922
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    History K - You Teach Kit

    The course kit includes all the materials for the teacher and one student for teaching History K, our kindergarten history course. Bede, an adorable ball of yarn, will introduce young students to the idea of a timel...

    # 003930
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    Art II - Grammar - Live Course and You Teach Kit

    Art II - Grammar - Live Course and You Teach Kit contains the materials you will need to teach the course to one student at home or what a student taking the class live will need. Using the more advanced book from M...

    # 001418
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    Bede's History of ME

    Bede (pronounced like "bead") is a timeline ... who strongly resembles a ball of yarn. This lovable character introduces young children to the basics of history in a fun way–once a week–all year long. Topics inc...

    # 000090
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    Fine Art Primer Collection

    This kit features a hand–picked collection of books that present an outstanding way to introduce young students to fine art. Although not reading primers, the titles were selected to complement the Veritas Press P...

    # 070295
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    History K - Lesson Plans

    Have you ever wished for more help as you teach, plan and organize your History curriculum? Veritas Kindergarten History Scripted Lesson Plans are the answer!  Our Scripted Lesson Plans will guide you every st...

    # L00110
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    How to Teach Art to Children

    This is an excellent addition to your art curriculum. This reproducible book provides student activities to introduce the basic elements of art. Color concepts, patterns and designs, lines and shapes, and textures...

    # 210240
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    Michelangelo - Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists

    Knowledge of the great artists of the past and relating their paintings to the worldview and thought of the day should be attained by every student. But it starts with enjoying their art. This clever series draws st...

    # 240200
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    Drawing With Children: A Creative Method for Adult Beginners,Too

    Mona Brookes was hired by Gertrude Dietz, the director of a preschool, to teach realistic drawing to 100 four and five-year-olds. When she sought curricula, she found none. About her experience she said, “Thank go...

    # 435330
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    Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors - Smart About Art

    Drawing with scissors? Is that even possible? Yes, it is! Henri Matisse was the artist who made his famous artistic cut-out designs with scissors. Twenty of these are included in this story about Matisse so you can ...

    # 435452
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    Noah: The Rescue Plan

    God is sending a flood because the world He made has turned against Him. However, Noah loves God so God saves him and his family. God tells Noah to build a boat–a big one! This is God's rescue plan and the start o...

    # 560555
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    Sarah & Abraham: The Wonderful Promise - Bible Wise

    Sarah and Abraham were told to leave their home and travel to a new country. God had given them a wonderful promise which seemed too good to be true. But as they obeyed God and began their adventure, they discovered...

    # 560872
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    The Child's Story Bible

    Originally published in 1943, this illustrated story Bible continues to instruct and delight children and parents.  It mirrors the biblical narrative and includes Scripture references, emphasizing biblical life les...

    # 630020
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    Katie`s Picture Show

    Katie’s visit to the museum with her grandmother becomes even more exciting when five famous pictures come to life. This beloved classic is a delightful introduction to both great art and museum trips; children wi...

    # 070311
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    Degas and the Little Dancer

    Marie’s dream is to become a famous ballerina but her family can’t afford the lessons, so she begins modelling for the artist Edgar Degas. The finished sculpture, The Little Dancer, becomes a famous ballet statu...

    # 070091
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