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Acts to Revelation Homeschool Enhanced CD

Editors: Veritas Press

This enhanced CD for the Veritas Press Bible Series Acts through Revelation includes not only memory song tracks, but also an electronic version of the Teacher's Manual (which includes a worksheet, at least one project, and a test for each card in that year's series) and a "how to" video which provides helps and guidance. Content covers the work of the Apostles, the spread of the Gospel, Paul's writings, and the struggles of the early Church. Enhanced materials are in adobe acrobat format and can be accessed on the CD-ROM of most Macintosh and Windows computers. Grade 6.

This is one of four teacher's guide options: the homeschool (print) teacher's guide or the homeschool enhanced CD-ROM, and the school (print) teacher's guide or the school enhanced CD-ROM. The difference between the homeschool and school print guides is that the homeschool guide is a softcover while the school version is in the format of loose-leaf pages in a three-ring-binder; in addition, the print and CD-ROM versions of the school and homeschool versions differ in that the copyright allows homeschool teachers to make copies for their homeschool classes, and the school version allows teachers to make copies for their classrooms. The content is identical.

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