True Fellowship

VERITAS [ˈweː.rɪ.taːs]  n. Latin
1. Truth
COMMUNITAS [kɔmˈmuː.nɪ.taːs]  n. Latin
1. Community, Communion, Fellowship

It is quite a remarkable thing to witness the strong bonds that form in a virtual school setting. From "the opening bell" to the end of a long school day, students and teachers in literally hundreds of classrooms learn, laugh, discuss, and challenge one another. Veritas does academics like no other. But what of life beyond the classroom? What of the face-to-face fellowship that our students and families love to experience in settings like our End-of-Year Gathering? How might this impact be enjoyed throughout the year?

Our Vision

Our vision? For students and families to gather around the world in their local and regional communities and to encounter one another for all kinds of cultural and extracurricular events and activities. VSA students will form sports teams and compete. (We have a mascot, and the NCAA already recognizes us, so why not?) We'll have national debate teams, our clubs will have meet-ups for photography shoots and chess matches, and we'll enjoy campfires and trips to the theatre as well. We want our young Griffons to be the most well-rounded individuals with skill sets that extend far beyond their academics. 


A Truly Global Community

Where might these Veritas Communities be? They can be anywhere our students and their families are. We want them to be everywhere Veritas families are! Check out the heatmap below detailing where our Families live, and join us as we envision a day when we'll have Communities all around the globe. That's the dream. 

If you'd like to form a Veritas Community near you, or to become part of one, please contact us using the link below.

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Where We Are Today
This heatmap map details the distribution of Veritas families and students across the globe.