Do you take regular access to a Bible and Christian literature for granted? We do. It’s always been part our lives. What if you grew up in a home where Christ wasn’t know and Scripture played no part? Our public schools are now full of students with this reality. Biblical literacy is virtually non-existent. This plight is the target of many organizations. One we love is Bible2School



Bible2School provides free elective Bible classes to public school children during the school day. Children move to a nearby church or partner location where trained volunteers teach the Bible. Children and volunteers discuss how they can apply the Bible lessons in their lives and pray together.

Bible2School’s vision is that every public school would have a dynamic Bible program taught during the school day through the national released time law.

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Public school children participating in a Bible2School program during the school day.


Be Part of the Outreach

What if you could be part of what Bible2School’s outreach? You can! 

It has been an incredible year. We are grateful and, with your help, want to pay it forward. To do more.  

We’ve partnered with Bible2School for this year’s Buy One, Give One initiative. With your help, our partnership will bring increased Biblical literacy to these students in their home and with their parents and siblings with the Veritas Bible curriculum.

Be Part of the Outreach

Here's your chance to participate.

Starting November 23rd, we will give you $100 off EVERY Self-Paced HistoryBible, and Omnibus course you purchase, and we will donate a Self-Paced Bible course through to a child impacted by Bible2School’s ministry on your behalf. Self-Paced Courses start dates may be deferred until September 1, 2019. This special pricing and Buy One GIFT One offer ends Monday, December 17th, 11:59 PM Eastern time. 

2018 has been a wonderful year. Let's make it even better.

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