Save $100 on Any Self-Paced Course and We'll Gift One Bible Course to Our Partner ECMA on Your Behalf. Use Code: BRAZIL at Checkout!

Save $100 on Self-Paced Courses

Offers ends Monday, December 16th at 11:59 PM EST


2019 Buy One Gift One Campaign

Through December 16th at midnight, save $100 on any Self-Paced Course you purchase and we’ll donate one Bible course to our friends at ECMA in Brazil on your behalf.

Just use the code BRAZIL at Checkout

DID YOU KNOW that up to 30% of children don’t know the Nativity is a story in the Bible, and that up to 20% of children don’t know that Noah’s Ark is a Christian story? We believe that Biblical literacy is at an all time low and want to do something about it. That’s why we’ve partnered with ECMA in Brazil and will be donating one Bible Course to one of their students for each Self-Paced Course purchased during this campaign.

ECMA, Our 2019 BOGO Partner.

Escola Cristã Mercês Alencar (ECMA) is a small school serving Christian families in Piauí, Brazil, a country plagued with environmental and social issues.



We’re partnering with ECMA to support them in their work to train and educate the next generation of believers that can bring about real culture change in Brazil. The foundation of this is biblical literacy.



Help Us Build Biblical Literacy

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