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The Scoop on Legends and Leagues

Written by VP Admin
The Scoop on Legends and Leagues

We find this happens occasionally and believe it needs to be addressed. Someone will post a concern about a product—in this case, ours—only to find out that they have bought a portion of the product and express that it isn’t as effective as hoped.

In the case located HERE someone indicted disappointment in Legends and Leagues, our grammar school geography series. Unfortunately, the author has only used the books and not the workbooks. That’s a bit like reading a math text but never doing any of the problems it asks you to complete. We are evaluating the descriptions on our web site and in our catalog to see how we may be causing this kind of oversight and apologize to the author for not being more clear. Reading the “reader” books is enjoyable, but the real learning and reinforcement for permanence happens in the workbooks.

We are using this forum to communicate this matter because many blogs and forums frown on or restrict publishers from posting on them to avoid self-promotion or advertising. We agree with this philosophy but it contributes to misinformation being spread.


Marlin Detweiler