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The Latest from Veritas: March 2021

The Latest from Veritas: March 2021

Think Your Kids are Funny?

We all know that kids say the darndest things and we could all use a good laugh after last year. Two years ago we shared a video interview with 5-year-old Ava and Linus for Christmas. In similar fashion, we’d like you to ask your children some questions about Easter. Send your videos to Lexi at Lexid@veritaspress.com and we’ll share the funniest ones in the Epistula and our social media outlets in April. Here’s a list of some questions to ask:

  1. Tell me the story of the first Easter.
  2. Who were Jesus’ friends? 
  3. What did they eat at the Last Supper?
  4. Who didn’t like Jesus? Why?
  5. What did those people do to Jesus?
  6. What do you think his friends said when he rose from the dead?
  7. Why did Jesus come back to life?
  8. What does the Easter Bunny do?
  9. Why do we hunt for eggs on Easter morning?
  10. What is your favorite thing about Easter?

Short Story Contest - Deadline Approaching!

There’s still time to submit your short stories to our contest! And did we mention all winners receive a $50 gift certificate to Veritas Press? Please complete the story using the story starters HERE. Grammar school entries should be 200–500 words. Secondary school entries should be 800–1000 words (not including the starter). All entries must include student name, grade, parents' name, e-mail address, phone number, city, and state. Format must be Word Doc. Please email submissions to lexid@veritaspress.com and use the subject line “Short Story Competition.” Submissions must be received by 5:00 p.m. EST on March 15, 2021. Judging will be based on these age groups: 

Grades 1–3 

Grades 4–6 

Grades 7–9  Grades 10–12

EOYG Update:

We are excited to celebrate our graduates at a much smaller EOYG on June 4 and 5 in Lancaster, PA. Due to ongoing Covid concerns registration will be limited and will start with our Seniors and their families before extending further out. More details coming soon!

Openings with Veritas

Our people are not only our greatest asset at Veritas, they're family. We're teachers, writers, foodies, bookworms, Christ-followers, and are passionate about children's education. Does reading this make your ears perk up? Do you think you have some things that you can teach us? Check out our full-time and part-time openings today

And if you're interested in seasonal or part-time work, check out the great opportunities in our Service or Shipping Departments. Plan ahead for opportunities this Spring through Fall, and apply here!


Veritas Scholars Academy consistently accepts resumés from teaching talent in all disciplines. We are especially interested in hearing from you if you have experience teaching Math-U-See. If you are a skillful and caring teacher, please submit your application materials HERE. Our teachers enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere high-speed internet is available. To learn more about our truly exceptional faculty, we welcome you to visit them HERE

Earn an Accredited Diploma with Veritas

Would you like for your student to earn an accredited diploma? Did you know that an accredited diploma can be critical in the application process to some colleges and universities? Enrolling as a full-time student at Veritas Scholars Academy is our answer. Each student who enrolls full-time will have an advisor to help plan each and every year to ensure that your student is on the right track to not only graduate on time but excel! Academic planning is difficult and the college application process can be intimidating, Veritas Academic Advisors are there to take the stress out of planning and applying to college. Sign up now for the 2020-2021 school year to ensure a spot in our online classes.

Find out if its a good fit for your family in your free one-on-one consultation with one of our Expert Academic Advisors. Sign up now.

Veritas Scholars Alumni Association

Looking for fellow VSA Alumni to connect with? VSAA is a place for you to connect with one another. As our alumni base grows, you’ll establish profitable relationships all around the world and stay connected to old friends. To participate, visit our Facebook Page