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Enroll Your Student in the Diploma Program Today!

Enroll Your Student in the Diploma Program Today!

Veritas Scholars Academy 2019-2020 enrollment is now open! 

Schedule your free consultation today and find out if the Veritas Scholars Academy Diploma Program is the right fit for your student! 

Watch this video from the Veritas Scholars Academy Dean of Students to learn more about enrolling your student in the Diploma program:

After years of assisting families choose the best curriculum for their children and navigate the difficult landscape of not only preparing for college but for life beyond college, we realized that with new technology we could help our families even more. The Veritas Scholars Academy Diploma Program was started to assist parents in giving students a proven curriculum (and an accredited Diploma) ensuring they receive the best classical Christian education there is.

Each student who is accepted to the VSA Diploma Program is assigned a dedicated Academic Consultant to keep them on track, not just to graduate, but to excel based on their unique interests and learning style! 

If you are interested in scheduling a free consultation, click here and sign up for one of our Academic Advisers to contact you for a free consultation today.