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Educational Helps - Spring Fever and the Dog Days of Winter

Written by Laurie Detweiler

If you are like me you could relate to the feature article. At this time of year it seems harder to keep the children's interest peaked. The air is beginning to warm up, the grass is becoming green, and they are just itching to go outside in the sun. Why not? Pack up your books and head for green grass for class. Enjoy the wonder of the world around you as you read your literature or history lesson. Clip boards make for great desktops. 


Another common thing I hear is, "Do I have to write out complete sentences to all these comprehension questions? Although I think it important for children to do this (it is a great way to integrate grammar and linguistics at the same time as you check for comprehension), there are many other ways to check their comprehension and also have some fun. A change of pace can revive a child's interest in seconds. You also might encourage students to write a play or even consider using the video camera and making a short film. Get creative. All it takes is a little planning, and you will be creating memories to last a lifetime.