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Educational Helps - Presidents' Day

Written by Jesse Brooks
Educational Helps - Presidents' Day

A less-celebrated holiday in the month of February is Presidents' Day. As a child, the only thing I knew about Presidents' Day was that it sometimes fell on my birthday and that meant no school. Originally, when the holiday was established in 1885, it was meant to celebrate George Washington’s birthday on February 22. But in 1971, as a way to create more three-day weekends for the nation’s workers (The Uniform Holiday Act), the holiday was moved to the third Monday of February. Since then, many Americans see the holiday as a way to honor all presidents, not just George Washington.

There are lots of fun printouts and learning activities about the presidents on Pinterest. Since we missed out on gingerbread house building over Christmas, I thought that constructing a log cabin out of pretzel sticks and peanut butter (just like Lincoln’s fabled log cabin) was right up our ally. Have fun!

You’ll Need:

-½ pint milk carton (empty and rinsed out)

-creamy peanut butter

-pretzel sticks


-graham crackers

-pretzel squares

-wheat or other small square crackers

-pretzel nugget

Make sure the milk carton closed as best you can. Use some peanut butter to keep it shut at the top. Smear peanut butter all over the whole carton. Place graham cracker at one end for the door and pretzel square on another side for the window. Cut pretzel sticks to desired length and stick them to the sides of the carton like logs. Use a dollop of peanut butter for the doorknob. For the roof, layer wheat crackers and line the top ridge with a pretzel stick. Finally, add the pretzel nugget to the roof with peanut butter for the chimney.

*For complete instructions click here:  Martha Stewart Living.


Lexi Detweiler