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Educational Helps: Electoral College Map

Lexi Detweiler Written by Lexi Detweiler
Educational Helps: Electoral College Map

By now your children probably know what is happening on November 3. Even my 4-year-old will tell me the full names of both candidates and what each of them will or will not do based on what he heard from an ad about them that day. Most children understand the idea of getting to choose a candidate through voting, but trying to explain the electoral college to them can be a challenge. So I searched for ways to teach kids about the electoral process, and my rabbit trails led me to this very helpful video created by Common Craft (no affiliation). I hesitate to link to YouTube for various reasons, so I recommend watching it first to make sure it is suitable for your child. 

Explaining how the election works is great, but what is even better is watching it in action. We have always taken our kids to the voting booth (and most states will allow you to take them in the booth with you) because we want to show them that electing the next president is not only a right but a duty. Another way to get kids involved is by allowing them to watch the results come in on the night of the election (and thereafter). To do so, we’ve created an electoral college map so your child can color it in real time. When the candidate for each state is announced, color it in red or blue. Keep a tally of total electoral votes for each candidate until the 270 vote majority is reached and the new president has won! 

Click HERE to download the electoral college map.