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Educational Helps - Amazing Grace

Written by Laurie Detweiler

If you are like us you are always looking for family activities. And I love it when it’s something that can be tied into history. The moving Amazing Grace has a down-to-earth believable Christian worldview with many lessons for us and our children to learn by example of Godly leaders who have fought righteous battles. William Wilberforce is not as recognizable a name as Jonathan Edwards yet had a great impact on our Christian heritage. As we seek to recover a lost educational model we need to help our children understand that what they do today matters for tomorrow.


I recommend that you do one or more of the attached activities before going to see the movie whether you homeschool or are part of a school activity. At Veritas Academy we do something called First Fridays in our secondary school. We plan a social activity for all the secondary students as a way to promote school community.  There are rarely movies that I can suggest to take the students to, but this one will be on the list.


There is another lesson for older children to learn form this movie. Our third son, Travis, senior at Veritas Academy, has musical theater and acting aspirations. He knows that as a Christian this is a difficult filed in several respects presently. How is his world view going to impact what he does and how is this going to help take back culture. He has been exposed to both the secular and Christian world of theater. One of the things that constantly bothers him is that Christians seem to do things in a “cheesy” way that doesn’t even meet the performance standards of the secular world.


Through a number of providential circumstances he was able to meet with Ken Wales a couple times and he was impressed. It gave him a vision for what can be done. We think this message bears spreading. Help your children see this message. The gospel affects all of life. As you can tell this film has affected our family. As we seek to take back culture and see the Gospel affect every man lets use and enjoy the tools that God drops in our laps.