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Educational Helps - Advent Calendar

Written by Jesse Brooks
Educational Helps - Advent Calendar

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The holidays bring back family traditions. For my family, Christmas Eve was a big deal. We always went to my grandmother’s candle-lit service and afterward everyone would come back to my house for cookies and snacks. When I married into the Detweiler family, Christmas day became an important tradition, too. We had brunch and often went to see a movie in the afternoon. Now that I have my own family, I’m starting to figure out traditions of my own. One tradition I’m trying this year is introducing my children to the advent calendar. Not the kind with little chocolate pieces that I had while growing up, but one that encourages good behavior and reminds them of the meaning of Christmas. I got the idea from Pinterest. I bought 24 mini brown paper bags and inside each bag I put a random act of kindness. My kids are under five, so I kept the acts simple, like “Tell someone you love them.” or “Share your favorite toy with your sibling.”  I actually had a lot of fun coming up with them and I hope even more fun watching them in action.

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