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Has there ever been a time when it’s been more important for students to learn the truth in history? Or to know what the Bible teaches? Or to connect to the past through the Great Books in which the Great Ideas are found? The ideas that have taken on a life of their own in our government funded school system could not be further from that which is good, true and beautiful. We want to help you. And we want you to tell your friends who might still have their children in the public schools that there’s a better way.

Two years ago we made our self-paced courses available free for 60 days. These courses teach the right things the right way. We want to get them in as many hands as possible, so we’re going to do it again. These courses will help you and your friends with educating you children. They deserve better. You and your friends will have FREE access to all of our Self-Paced Courses to finish the school year.

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As a way to assist families, Veritas is offering completely free 60-day access to tried and tested online Self-Paced History, Bible, and Omnibus Courses. It is our hope that access to these materials at no cost will encourage families around the world.

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of this for your immediate and extended family, and friends. Please share this opportunity with those around you who may be looking for reliable and affordable curriculum for the coming year. We are grateful to be able to provide this material as we join with you in restoring culture to Christ, one young heart and mind at a time.

This free 60-day access is available to take advantage of through May 31, 2022.



Along with access to our Self Paced Courses, we are granting 60 days of FREE access to Veritas Bible, the most exciting way for children to learn the Bible!